Is TSMG only useful for games?

Not at all, you can use it anytime you want to generate a light-weight rig.

What engines does TSMG support?

Any engine that can read FBX files and supports both translation and rotation keys on joints. This includes Unity, UDK, and most other modern engines. For Unity, you don’t even need to export to FBX--you can just use TSMG to bake down a Maya file that Unity can read directly.

What versions of Maya does TSMG support?

2011 and up. Since TSMG is built on pyMEL, any future versions of Maya that support pyMEL should be able to run it.

What operating systems is TSMG available for?

Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Will I need to buy updates for future versions of Maya, as I do with TSM2?

No! Unlike TSM2, TSMG is not locked to a version of Maya, and doesn’t require effort on our part to update and test every year. One license of TSMG should continue to work with any future versions of Maya that support pyMEL.

Does TSMG work with Maya in Japanese or Simplified Chinese?

TSMG appears to work normally when Maya is running in Japanese, but not for every version of Maya. Maya 2013 has a bug that prevents use of PyMEL when running Maya in Japanese. Since TSMG makes extensive use of PyMEL, this means that TSMG will not work with Maya 2013 in Japanese. This bug appears to have been fixed in 2014.

We haven't tested TSMG in the Simplified Chinese versions of Maya, so we can't guarantee that it will work properly.