When loading TFM, I get a specific error: "// Error: Unable to dynamically load : C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya###/bin/plug-ins/TSM2.mll The specified module could not be found". What should I do?

You need msvcp71.dll, which is usually present but occasionally mysteriously missing. It can be downloaded for free from several websites which are easily found by Google searching for "msvcp71.dll". Once you have the file, there are two places you can put it in order to fix the problem:

A. -- In C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya###\bin\ which fixes the problem just for Maya


B. -- In C:\WINDOWS\system32\ which fixes this problem for every application on your computer, since there are often other applications that require this DLL file. We usually recommend this option, unless you don't want to touch the WINDOWS directory in which case the Maya/bin directory will work fine.

Where's my serial number?

When you purchase the downloadable TFM for Maya product from the Anzovin Studio Store, a serial number will be emailed to the address you specified in your order IN ONE BUSINESS DAY. If you have serial number questions, please contact

Can I use my current serial number with updates?

If you've downloaded a bug-fix recompile from TFM's DOWNLOADS page, you can continue using your serial number. If you are upgrading to a different version of TFM (example: Switching from Maya 8.5 to Maya 2008), you will need to contact to receive a new serial number.

Do I need a copy of The Face Machine on every computer I intend to animate a TFM rig with?

Nope. Our free plug-in Anzovin Rig Nodes provides everything you need to animate with a TFM rig, including the pose save/recall and selection interface, and can be installed on any copy of Maya. You only need the Face Machine to create or edit the rig. <DOWNLOAD ANZOVIN RIG NODES>

What kind of body rigs can I use with The Face Machine?

Any kind you want. TFM adds it's own FM Skincluster to your mesh, which can be stacked under a normal skin cluster (or any other deformer, for that matter), so you can rig the body in any way you like. Including, of course, rigs created with the The Setup Machine.

Does TFM create a blendshape-based or bone-based rig?

Neither. The TFM rig is based around our own skin cluster, which uses curves and surfaces as influences.

Can I rig more then one character's face in a single scene?

Currently, no, the TFM rigging process is intended to rig a single face per scene file. Although, once your character has been rigged, you can then reference or import that character's scene file into any other Maya scene for animation, at which point you can have as many TFM rigs in the same scene as you like.

Does The Face Machine rig non-traditional facial arrangements?

For the most part, no. The TFM rig is designed to be used with at least vaguely humanoid-shaped faces with two eyes, one nose, and a mouth. Long-snouted faces, like a dog or a dinosaur, are theoretically possible but don't really allow enough control in practice (since there is quite a bit more lip region then on a human-shaped face). That said, as long as the face's general shape is similar to a human layout, TFM can rig a wide range of faces.

What mesh types can be rigged with TFM?

The Face Machine only deforms poly meshes. Ridged element of the face (such as the eyes or teeth) could be made from nurbs or subdiv surfaces.