Get in touch with the team behind Anzovin Studio

Anzovin Studio no longer offers production services, but you can still call on our team when you need lively animation and motion graphics!

Raf Anzovin now operates as an independent freelancer, focusing on character animation, rigging, and animated filmmaking. Check out his web site for more information. He also blogs about rigging and animation technique at Just To Do Something Bad, where he's experimenting with advanced "ephemeral" rigging. Karen Webb, Will Colon, and Katie Taccone have formed their own studio, Open Pixel Studios. They also focus on animation and animated filmmaking, along with first-class motion graphics and graphic design.

Raf Anzovin and Open Pixel collaborate frequently, so if you're interested in hiring the former Anzovin Studio team, it's not hard to do. Get in touch with Raf at, or Open Pixel at, or both!

Meanwhile, Anzovin Studio continues to sell and support our Maya plugins.